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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I am finally launching my "Artist Assist" service for my friends in the music business. (The moniker comes courtesy of our friend Ryan Taylor. Thanks Ryan!)

Audio Clean Up: Email me your Edirol, Iphone, etc recordings, and I can clean them up and run them through a signal chain I've created.

This can make a not-so-good sounding recording of a rehearsal or performance listenable enough for you to show others, use as an enjoyable practice tool (not something that makes you cringe!), or get a real idea what the piece your working on might sound like if recorded properly!

Producer: I am always available as a producer, arranger, or part writer. Whether you are an experienced musician that just wants a little extra perspective, or a new artist that doesn't know quite where to start, I can help bring your project to life!


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